Companies of all sizes and sectors keep records, from arts and retail to manufacturing and sports. Business archives consist of physical and digital records kept for historical reasons. They include documents, photographs and films. They are important as they

  • increase brand and product knowledge and awareness
  • help tell the story of a company’s contribution
  • hold evidence and memory of the business
  • can document the lives of people, changing communities and landscapes

Our advice and case studies are for those new to business archives, as well as heritage practitioners and users. They are to help you manage and use business archives.

Discover how to

  • set up an archive
  • manage and preserve digital records
  • find funding
  • use records and collaborate with others
  • seek advice

Companies are facing major economic pressures, with changes to the way we live and work. Archives of importance are at risk of destruction. Our Crisis Management Team is here to help. Alert the Crisis Management Team where records may be at risk.

Mention of archive suppliers is for information. It is not an endorsement of their services.