Diary of Business Archive Events

Uses of the Past by Enterprises in Central-Eastern Europe

Workshop on Business History in Central and Eastern Europe

The Ukrainian Catholic University, in cooperation with the European Business History Association, invite scholars and Ph.D. students of any relevant discipline to submit paper proposals in a broad range of topics related to the uses of the past by firms in Central-Eastern Europe (CEE).

The workshop aims to explore the potential of the past as a resource in a business environment characterized by historical discontinuities. The call is open to all topics that fit the general scope of the workshop. Papers may address one or more of the following questions:

  1. How do firms use history to preserve their core values in a changing environment?
  2. What are the various ways of using the past as branding and marketing? How do firms sell the past? How do they (mis)use “fauxstalgia” and “newstalgia”? What is the “dark side” of the commodification of the past?
  3. How do business organizations rationalize, use, and abuse their tangible and intangible heritage? How do businesses handle their uncomfortable past? How can they turn it from burden to resource?
  4. How do companies use their corporate museums as a tool for history-making and place-making?
  5. How can the history of enterprises be turned into a resource for business learning? What are the promises and limitations of historical approaches to strategic entrepreneurship research and theory?


ICA Section on Business Archives Conference 2020

The ICA-SBA Conference 2020 will be taking place in Copenhagen on 22-23 September 2020.

Subjects will include presentations and discussions on:

  • Trends in archives management and heritage communication.
  • Updates on today’s communication channels.
  • Communicating with heritage films.
  • Access to archives considering increased requests for transparency in corporations.
  • Using company heritage in the onboarding of new employees.

‘To Infinity and Beyond!’ Preserving and promoting the records of Britain’s aviation and aerospace heritage

The Aviation and Aerospace Archives Initiative (AAAI) will be hosting a one-day conference on 12 February 2020 aimed at those caring for the industry’s paper-based and election collections. The conference will highlight the importance of the industry’s records’ and inspire ways forward in preserving and promoting them to new and established audiences.In addition to the speakers, attendees will get the opportunity to visit the new Aerospace Bristol galleries and archive. They will also get to see the National Aerospace Library’s conservation volunteers in action.

This conference will also introduce the Aerospace and Aviation Archvies Initiative (AAAI) and its work. The AAAI comprises representatives from organisations, museums and corporate collections and aims to promote the preservation of, and access to, Britain’s records relating to aerospace and aviation.


2019 BAC Conference

‘No Archive is an Island. Connection and collaboration in business archives.’

Collaborative working is at the heart of modern archives. Just as the records in our care cross borders and boundaries, so archive services are increasingly working across disciplines and institutions. Doing so allows us to realise the value of our collections to multiple audiences, resolve common problems and capture different voices.

‘No Archive is an Island’ will consider the possibilities and opportunities offered through connections and collaborations, from working with internal colleagues to building relationships on the regional and national stage. Speakers will consider the challenges posed by such models of working, sharing observations, examples and lessons learnt through their own participatory approaches to archival practice.

The conference will be held on 20 November 2019 at RIBA, 66 Portland Place, London.

Booking is now open via eventbrite – use this link to access the site.

Full programme for the conference is available here.



London and Middlesex Archaeological Society (LAMAS) Local History Conference ‘“An Emporium for many Nations”: London shaped by trade’

To investigate and explore the history of ‘trade’ in Greater London, in all its various forms, and across different periods in history


Appraisal in the Digital Era

EABH workshop to be held in Paris.

Transition in Energy History: Archival and Research Perspectives

The 8th conference of the European Oil and Gas Archives Network (EOGAN) at Total S.A. headquarters in Paris.


European Oil and Gas Archives Network (EOGAN) annual conference

To be held Basilicata, Southern Italy.