Other helpful resources

National Register of Archives for Scotland offers archive preservation advice for private owners

The International Council on Archives, Section on Labour and Industry deals with
global archives and the effects of takeovers etc.

Business sector archive survey publications

The National Archives, Architecture, Buildings and Construction Survey 2011-13

Wendy Habgood, Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. A guide to historical records (Manchester 1994)

Lesley Richmond and Alison Turton, The brewing industry: a guide to historical records (Manchester, 1990)

Lesley Richmond and Bridget Stockford, Company archives: a survey of the records of 1000 of the first registered companies in England and Wales (Aldershot, 1986)

Lesley Richmond & Alison Turton (eds.), Directory of corporate archives (Business Archives Council, 4th ed., 1996)

Lesley Richmond, Julie Stevenson & Alison Turton, The Pharmaceutical Industry. A Guide to Historical Records (Aldershot, 2003)

LA Ritchie, The shipbuilding industry: a guide to historical records (Manchester, 1992)

Alison Turton & John Orbell, British Banking. A Guide to Historical Records (Aldershot 2001)

Legal records at risk guidance

The Records at Risk Steering Group have updated Legal Records at Risk guidance for solicitors and law firms needing advice on keeping archives. The guide has been endorsed by the Director of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Professor Carl Stychin, the British Records Association and the Business Archives Council. https://www.britishrecordsassociation.org.uk/news/legal-records-at-risk-guidance-now-online/

B/LEV/1 Deeds of Judah Levy, grocer of Roman Road, Old Ford, Bow, London.  Image courtesy Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives