Seeking Professional Advice

Seek free advice from professional bodies concerned with the management of business archives. Businesses can contact public sector archivists on the storage and management of their company archives.

England and Wales

  • The National Archives is the home to archives of UK central government. It also has leadership responsibilities for archives in England. The Archive Sector Development team at The National Archives advises all archives, including business archives. They encourage partnerships and best practice. Sector Development Managers help companies through advice on record-keeping, archives storage or disposal and access arrangements. Contact Archives Sector
  • The Business Archives Council promotes the preservation and use of business records. The charity represents the interests of owners, users and custodians of archives generated by businesses. Many members are from companies with responsibility for archives and records management. The Council also hosts this website. Contact the Business Archives Council for advice, training and networking opportunities.
  • Local and regional record offices care for archives covering their geographical areas and make them available to research. Each collects archives reflecting the diversity of the people and changing landscapes in their area. Usually run by a local authority, they offer a practical solution for companies with a regional focus holding historical archives. Connect with a local archivist. Explore the Find an Archive directory on The National Archives’ Discovery website or contact Archives Sector
  • Specialist archives are in the care of universities, museums, libraries and charities. They can offer help for companies with a specialist or regional focus. Explore the Find an Archive directory on The National Archives’ Discovery website. Contact the Archives and Records Association Specialist Repositories Group.
  • The National Library of Wales is primarily a repository for the national cultural history of Wales. They also provide advice to Welsh businesses. Visit their website.



  • The Business Archives Council of Scotland advises businesses and industry bodies located in Scotland. They help firms set up records and archive management systems, and research projects. Working closely with the Scottish Business Archive at Glasgow University and at the National Archives of Scotland, the Business Archives Council of Scotland also coordinates the rescue of archives when businesses cease to function. Explore their website.

Northern Ireland

  • Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) accepts archives from private sources. PRONI also offers advice and best practice in archives and records management. Visit their website.

Archive Professionals

Recruit a professional archivist

Professional archivists have the skills and knowledge to set up a company archive, exploit it, and establish records management programmes. They are qualified to post-graduate degree level and professionally registered. Archivists can be recruited on email messaging site ARCHIVES-NRA, the press, professional publications such as that of the Archives and Records Association (UK & Ireland).

Independent archive consultants can also undertake surveys to examine the potential of your collection and make recommendations. Use the Archives and Records Association (UK & Ireland)’s list of freelance consultants.

Indicative Pay scales

The cost of hiring professionals varies according to the complexity of the archive and the experience of the individual. Use the Archives and Records Association (UK & Ireland) salary recommendations.

Jiscmail discussion lists

Messaging boards are excellent ways to post and/or receive advice, recruitment, and training opportunities.

Management of historical archives: ARCHIVES-NRA

Management of current records: RECORDS-MANAGEMENT-UK