Uses of the Past by Enterprises in Central-Eastern Europe

Workshop on Business History in Central and Eastern Europe

The Ukrainian Catholic University, in cooperation with the European Business History Association, invite scholars and Ph.D. students of any relevant discipline to submit paper proposals in a broad range of topics related to the uses of the past by firms in Central-Eastern Europe (CEE).

The workshop aims to explore the potential of the past as a resource in a business environment characterized by historical discontinuities. The call is open to all topics that fit the general scope of the workshop. Papers may address one or more of the following questions:

  1. How do firms use history to preserve their core values in a changing environment?
  2. What are the various ways of using the past as branding and marketing? How do firms sell the past? How do they (mis)use “fauxstalgia” and “newstalgia”? What is the “dark side” of the commodification of the past?
  3. How do business organizations rationalize, use, and abuse their tangible and intangible heritage? How do businesses handle their uncomfortable past? How can they turn it from burden to resource?
  4. How do companies use their corporate museums as a tool for history-making and place-making?
  5. How can the history of enterprises be turned into a resource for business learning? What are the promises and limitations of historical approaches to strategic entrepreneurship research and theory?