Executive Quotes and Testimonials

“Like many intangible assets it is difficult to put a value on archives. But by providing an understanding of a company’s history they can often give an insight into a company’s future. To this extent they can be priceless.”
Gavin Neath, Senior Vice President, Global Communications, Unilever PLC 

“The BP archive describes the development of one of the world’s major energy companies. It not only contains an historical record of the company, but also tells the socio-economic story of the many countries in which BP has operated. The archive is used today, supporting company operations around the world.”
Peter Mather, UK Head of Country, BP 

“It’s not about making replicas of things that have gone in the past. It’s about looking at them, learning from them and seeing how we can adapt them for today’s market.”
Wesley Taylor, Brand Manager, Burton Group 

“We cannot exist as a business in Luxury without the credibility that the considered use of our Archive assets give to Johnnie Walker”
Jonathan Driver, Brand Ambassador, Diageo 

“The [archive] collection is not used simply as a historical resource… but as a resource for journalism and photography.”
Alan Rusbridger, Editor, The Guardian 

“As a bank with a long and distinguished heritage stretching back over 300 years, we have a responsibility to protect and preserve our corporate history. Our branches have been at the heart of local communities over the centuries and we are proud to be custodians of local history as well as having a unique story to tell in the context of the broader economy.”
Sir Victor Blank, Chairman, Lloyds Banking Group 

“We recognise and value the role our Archives play not only in promoting the BT brand and identity amongst our customers and stakeholders, but also in actively supporting business operations to distinguish us positively from our competitors.”
Larry Stone, President Group Public & Government Affairs, BT