Partnerships and collaboration


Business archives are an organisation’s institutional memory. If companies want to avoid short-term thinking or re-inventing the wheel, then archival collections should be indispensable sources of business intelligence. But using records in this way is a resource-intensive process and can rarely be accommodated alongside the many other demands on an archivist’s time. Targeted academic collaboration may be one solution. Partnerships like this can provide benefits for both the business and the academics.

To help business archivists set up an academic collaboration we have a simple guide to what to consider and some tips for success. You can view and download the Facilitating Academic-Archivist Collaborations in Business document here.

Each section has an accompanying short film, in which business archivists offer relevant experiences and advice. These films, along with an additional ‘One Piece of Advice’ video, will be available on the Business Archives Council YouTube Channel, ‘We Love Business Archives’.


Example of academic collaboration