Corporate / Governance

Examples of key corporate / governance records and the
information they hold.

AGM minute books and supporting papers
notices and information about annual general
meetings and extraordinary general meetings of

Annual reports
key report of annual trading activity; often with
extra information on annual high-profile initiatives including
major projects, new product or market developments

Board of directors minute books and supporting papers
brief information on key actions and decisions;
supporting papers will give more detail

Business continuity plans
records of critical business operations, staffing
and systems

Company prospectus
information published to interest prospective shareholders in the

CR reports and project files
information on the corporate responsibility
initiatives of the business

Executive management committee minutes and papers
detailed information about key commercial actions
and decisions

Major contracts and agreements (under seal)
evidence of commercial deals, joint ventures,
partnerships and associations, procurement etc

Memorandum and articles of association
papers showing when the company was set up and
constitutional changes

Major project files (including mergers and acquisitions)
project brief, cost, implementation

Operating plans – group or business or functional
planning documentation showing commercial

Register of directors
information on composition of the board of

Risk registers
perception and management of
strategic and operational risk

Share records
records of members or shareholders of a company

Strategic committees minute books and supporting papers
information on specialist aspects of business
activity including mergers and acquisitions, directors

Strategic planning documentation
business strategy including mergers and

Trade mark and patents files
key product registration and country of