Nescafé marks its 75th anniversary

Nescafé was launched in the United Kingdom in 1938, shortly after its release in Switzerland. 75 years on, 5,500 cups of the branded instant coffee are consumed every second worldwide.

Instant coffee is so much a part of our cultural landscape, it is hard to imagine a time when it did not exist. But the development of coffee in a handy, quickly soluble form was originally driven by the need to use up stocks of coffee beans, which were languishing in Brazilian warehouses after the great depression. A chemist, Dr Max Morgenthaler, was recruited by the Swiss food company Nestlé and after years of research he succeeded in overcoming the difficulties of formulating a marketable product.

A fuller account of the origins of Nescafé and how the brand developed in the years that followed can be found on the Nestlé website. Follow the link.