News archive for Month: November 2012

Toyota celebrates 75th anniversary

The Toyota Motor Corporation was established in 1937, but was an offshoot of an earlier Japanese business, Toyoda Automatic Loom Works. The founder of the textile machinery business, Sakichi Toyoda was born in 1867. From modest beginnings the automotive business evolved into the global corporation we know today.

Capturing the Record of 2012

Contributing to the success of London 2012 and the Cultural Olympiad, businesses and commercial organisations have been key to the delivery of the Games: from sponsorship and partnerships at national and regional level to local events and community initiatives.

Business History and Social Media

The relevance of company history for marketing purposes is demonstrated in the current high-profile advertising campaign for Bulmers Cider, which has a tie-in with Facebook. The campaign harks back to the early days of HP Bulmer Ltd, which was established in Hereford in 1887.