News archive for Month: June 2012

Hong Kong anniversary

The idea to bring gas lighting to Hong Kong was that of a British businessman, William Glen. Having received the approval of the colonial government, the Hong Kong & China Gas Co Ltd was incorporated in the United Kingdom in June 1862, with an initial capital of £35,000.

Textile archive drives recovery

Established in Somerset in 1772 by the Quaker Thomas Fox, cloth manufacturers Fox Brothers & Co Ltd recently entered a new phase in their history. The company is celebrated as the original creators of flannel.

Fine guns and rifles since 1812

To celebrate the bicentenary of its gun making business, the Birmingham-based company Westley Richards & Co Ltd has produced a history, In Pursuit of the Best Gun 1812-2012 by Jeremy Musson.

Bank of England Archive catalogue now online

Since 1930 the Bank of England has had an archive department, but it is now much easier for users to find detailed information about the Bank's collections.