Human Resources

Examples of key human resources records and the
information they hold.

Human Resources manuals and employee handbooks and
record of terms and conditions and employee benefits
– e.g. holidays, pensions, insurance and other benefits and
company employee rules and procedures

Minute books from company clubs – sports and social
record of employee participation and engagement in
company-sponsored activity outside work-time (particularly
prevalent in older, ‘paternalistic’ firms)

Organisational charts
pictorial representations of company structure at
all levels (directors, functional managers, departments

Performance planning
criteria for performance management, employee
targets, bonus schemes etc

Photographs of key staff
visual record of directors and other key

Photographs of sports, social, events, awards etc
visual records of employee sports and social

Staff magazines
communications to employees, record of achievements,
sports and social activity, key business actions and

Training manuals and literature (including best practice and
Standard Operating Procedures)
indication of the company’s commitment to
employee development, and standards of conduct at work

Wage or staff books or registers
terms and conditions – employee pay rates, job
type, hours etc